Gladiator & Saint Archetype

Reconsideration of the brand of the 2000 movie Gladiator, with accommodation for a specific target audience: the archetype of the saint. The hand-drawn logo and typography graphically represents the point of convergence of the central messages and images of the film Gladiator, and the lifestyle of and motivation behind the archetype of the saint.

Notes on the Logo

Its dramatic downward motion and sharp central shaft evokes the image of a blade of steel thrust into the blood stained sand; firm, steadfast, and purposeful: a blade of justice, a blade of martyrdom. The top of the shaft soars with flowing arcs that fall, cross at a point of fateful contact, and coalesce toward the sharp bottom tip of the center line. The arcs, while dynamic, and reminiscent of violently wielded whips tipped in metal, are yet graceful, and flow with the softness and elegance of ribbons of satin, crisscrossing in an embrace of wholesome, benevolent, and undeniably steadfast love, a subliminal heart shape. The central form of negative space is at once a shield and a star of luminance, once again exemplifying in tandem Gladiator and the saint archetype.

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